International Women’s Forum

The purpose for the National Women’s Forum is to minister to the Total Woman, their physical and spiritual needs. The NWF, supported by the International Pastor’s wives, provides a safe platform for women to express themselves, be encouraged, be healed and feel true empathy and compassion from others.

The National Women’s Forum’s first annual conference began in the spring of 2009. It was birthed out of a need to bring the women of the PCAF (District Council’s and local Churches) together in a setting conducive to intense Bible study, free-flowing worship, inspirational preaching, energetic fellowship and relationship building. Enjoy some pictures from our very first NWF conference.

In 2016 the NWF was changed to the International Women’s Forum (IWF) as it continues to this day. From its inception, a golden crown has been the emblem of the IWF.  This symbol represents the 5 crowns mentioned in the Scripture that have been promised to every obedient believer: The crown of righteousness; The crown of rejoicing; The incorruptible crown; The crown of glory and The crown of life.

Each of these crowns will be bestowed upon us as a result of our endurance and our faithfulness to the work of the Lord.  We are a royal nation unto God placed in the earth to bring glory to Him as we lay our hands to the plow to build His Kingdom. 

Join us each year as we continue to reach our globe of women in various states to present a Royalty Weekend Retreat experience that will be empowering, enriching, engaging and most of all spiritually uplifting.

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