IWF Leadership Team

The IWF is led by a diverse and dynamic group of women, all of whom faithfully serve God, the International body, their State Councils and local churches.  As elected or appointed team members, each contributes her own set of experiences and God-given talents to the work of the ministry.

IWF Executive Team

Elder Terri Williams – Director

Elder Brenda Buford – Assistant Director/ Acting Treasurer

Pastor Marian Solomon – Secretary/Director of Administration

Lady Alacia Edwards – Assistant Secretary/Social Media Director

Dr. Rita Phifer – Board Member/IWF Spokesperson

Sis. Jade Buford – Treasurer

Dr. Valerie Simpson – Board Member

IWF Board of Directors

Dr. Gabriella Bryant – Renaissance Women Director

Dr. Tracey Pulliam – Health and Wellness Director

Mother Joyce Hardy – Director of Senior Women

Lady Chiquita Fortson – Assistant Event Coordinator

IYWF Leadership Team

Lady Willette Cooper – Director


Elder Mitiz Merriweather

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